About Capitol Hill Style


About Capitol Hill Style

Started during an uneventful August recess in 2008, Capitol Hill Style (CHS) is a fashion blog for women who don’t want to sacrifice their sense of style for professional success.  CHS features styling tips, product reviews, and professional guidance for fashionable ladies with serious jobs. CHS is dedicated to the belief that women should dress for the job that they want, not the job that they have.

Want to contact Capitol Hill Style? Reader questions, content suggestions, etc. can be e-mailed to capitolhillstyle@gmail.com. You can also reach Belle on Twitter using the handle @caphillstyle.

About Belle

Belle was born and raised in Montana, the land of Wranglers and cowboy boots.  She moved to Washington, D.C. in 2004 to pursue a career on Capitol Hill. After several years working in politics and government, she traveled back West to attend law school and escape the humidity for a few years.

Belle spends her free time watching true crime shows, reading long-form magazine articles, and traveling with friends.

Policies and Disclaimers

The opinions expressed on Capitol Hill Style by Belle are hers alone.

Belle purchases the vast majority of reviewed products with her own money, and rarely accepts gifted items. When she accepts sponsored goods for promotion, giveaway, or review, the posts are clearly marked in accordance with FTC requirements.

Unlike many bloggers who delete comments that express contrary opinions, Belle prefers an open dialogue. Comments are moderated to prevent vulgarity and egregious personal attacks. Comments that are off topic or promote other enterprises may be deleted.