Capitol Hill Style: 10th Commandment: February 19

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 by Belle

10th Commandment: February 19



Blue Panel Rib Dress ($75 + 25% off til the 24th)

Dresses with side insets are really hot right now.  The reason?  Well, besides being totally sleek, the contrasting colors create an optical illusion that slims your waist.  This blue and white frock is perfect for spring and summer.

I also adore this black and white combo panel dress from Calvin Klein.  Dorothy Perkins offers side panel dresses with short sleeves in black/white and grey/black.  If you want a bit more color, this Milly dress is phenom and this Mango cocktail dress has a hint of raspberry.

Want the panel dress without the color blocking?  This bright Ted Baker number is pretty hot.  This shutter pleat teal dress is also nice, especially for $70.  But my absolute favorite is this Black Halo dress (if only they weren’t so enamored with shoulder pads at that label).

Plus size? I found a basic slate blue sheath, this stunning chocolate brown number and  if you were looking for the side panel dress, this plum and navy number is to.die.for (I wish it came in my size).


  • love it

    love the way the site looks on the new host place (or whatever it’s called) — everything seems wider and more anchored maybe? anyway, it looks great!

  • Olivia


    Can you comment on the quality and fit of Dorothy Perkins’ dresses?


  • Lynn

    Dang it, the color is beautiful, the length is perfect, the sleeves are just what I need for work (and because I really hate my arms), but the dress is 100% polyester–which of course breaks my no polyester rule. If it were cotton, or even a blend, I would snap this up.

  • Lynn

    And yay for making commenting easier! I abhore trying to decipher those squiggly letters. I always guess wrong.

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