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Belle’s Weekly Reading

The Workday Reading: June 21, 2017


1) Three strategies women can use to counter sexist interruptions. (Quartz)

2) BR’s split sleeve top and Avery pant make the perfect casual Friday look.

3) Single woman downplay career and salary expectations. (Chicago Booth Review)

4) Love briefs? Skin makes ‘granny panties’ pretty with their briefs and hipsters.

5) How to deal with useless informational interviews. (The Cut)

6) LastCall Musts: A Tahari a-line dress, a chic $69 sheath, and an ivory peplum sheath.

7) The truth about being a working mother, and why they need to ask for help. (Red)

8) Do not miss ALLSAINTS superb minimalist hobo bag and convertible crossbody

9) Are women borrowing student loans to get ahead of men? (The Guardian)

10) Amazon has the best selection of stone jewelry.  This Danielle Nicole cuff is so chic.

11) What we get wrong about women who don’t have kids. (Refinery29)

12) I am strangely obsessed with these Pour la Victoire Mary Janes.


Who I’m Following. @copycatchic on Instagram.

What Stabilized My Acne. I went back to Differin (now that it’s OTC); it seems to be helping.

What I’m Eating. Strawberry Honey Butter.  Adios, cream cheese.

Where I’m Going. Back to D.C. next week for a quick trip.

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The Workday Reading: June 19, 2017

*** 1) Share your ideas without sounding like a know-it-all. (The Muse) 2) Need art? Don’t miss Nordstrom’s curated gallery walls. Five pieces for $99. 3) Talking to boys the way we talk to girls. (NYTimes) 4) This Target peplum top is $7. Wear it with a white pencil skirt and snake belt. 5) How to handle underperformers who you inherited. (HBR) 6) Amara Must Haves: leaf makeup bag, super chic iPhone dock, and a folded vase. 7) 5 Bad Habits That Are Slowly Ruining Your Relationship. (Marie Claire) 8) This leaf print Kors sheath and Leota plus-size leaf print dress…

The Workday Reading: June 16, 2016

*** 1) Why I’ll Never Apologize for Being Intimidating Again. (Refinery29) 2) It’s the Clear the Rack sale at Nordstrom Rack.  This $7 necklace caught my eye. 3) When you want kids but your partner doesn’t. (Man Repeller) 4) Dear Club Monaco, why must you make such beautiful dresses and jackets? 5) How do you criticize ‘problematic women’ without being a sexist? (Thought provoking, but my issue with this article is that they couldn’t seem to find any ‘problem’ women who weren’t conservatives.  Go figure.) (Elle) 6) Work Outfit = one dot dress + one white blazer + one black belt. 7) What…

The Workday Reading: June 14, 2017

*** 1) Why it’s so hard for women in 2017 to know what to wear to work. (Quartz) 2) This Quincy Star Clutch is a genuine showstopper. 3) Women hold two-thirds of the nation’s student loan debt. (Elle) 4) Extra 60% off sale at AT.  Don’t miss this  tie-front dress, flare sleeve top, and suede sandals. 5) Career advice for ‘weird’ women whose job path isn’t linear. (Bustle) 6) Both this ivory Taylor pencil skirt and this Tahari flounce hem skirt are under-$75. 7) Actually Helpful Life Tips from a Life Coach. (Man Repeller) 8) Fight the office AC chill with…

The Workday Reading: June 12, 2017

*** 1) In defense of (occasionally) crying at work. (Refinery29) 2) Need an all-purpose clutch? This gorgeous Dorothy Perkins clutch is just $25. 3) Is your favorite It Girl influencer using a ghostwriter? (Elle) 4) Pair this printed Malandrino dress with a black blazer for a relaxed office look. 5) Is the best career advice to just chill the f*ck out? (HuffPo) 6) Outnet Must-Have Shoes: Edelman slingbacks, Valentino flats, Schutz double-strap sandals. 7) Meet Katy Tur, an NBC reporter, and woman on the rise. (NYTimes) 8) This textured Mango blazer goes perfectly with their lavender layered blouse. 9) How to be…