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Belle’s Weekly Reading

The Workday Reading: July 21, 2017


  1. 1) “Do not ever think there will be a moment in your life where all the stars will align. ‘I have the right degree, I have the right relationships, I have the right clothes.’ That is what holds women back so much.” (The Cut)

2) Of all the bougey things, this $55 Diptyque candle set made it into my #NSale cart.

3) On a budget? Trying to save money? Try “zero dollar days.” (Refinery29)

4) Baublebar earrings for work and Baublebar earrings for play.

5) The Seven Career Traps Successful Women Avoid. (HuffPo)

6) Boden Musts: A striped tee in 10 colors, a pink pencil skirt, and a summer/fall yellow sheath.

7) Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s (junk) pseudo-science winning? (Vox)

8) Really tempted to buy this anti-microbial sonic makeup brush from Ulta.

9) Is asking for salary history a cruel corporate move? (Slate)

10) LOFT’s printed maxi is the best thing I bought all summer.  So I picked up this one, too.

11) Thanks to Venmo, we all know how cheap our friends are. (NYTimes)

12) This printed Lark & Ro sheath and bow-front blouse are affordable and chic.


What I’m Watching. Lots of VICE; waiting for tonight’s documentary on global security.

What I’m Painting on My Nails. Lippmann’s Lay Lady Lay polish. Here’s a swatch.

What I Need. This hair color.

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The Workday Reading: July 19, 2017

The blog is a little slow this week.  There are two reasons for this. First, the new design is launching next Tuesday/Wednesday.  I have final confirmation of this.  It is glorious, but it needs my attention. Second, I started a new job this week.  I am somehow back on the political campaign trail.  We’ll discuss this more at a later date, but today, as I was editing a donor list, I kept thinking, “I feel 25 again, but with grey hair and cellulite.” *** 1) How I stopped checking my phone, and started using it with intention. (Medium) 2) LK…

The Workday Reading: July 17, 2017

*** 1) How to avoid being pulled into drama when someone is fired. (Ask a Manager) 2) This black-and-white bag from Cole Haan is versatile and on sale. 3) Conversation starters for your next first date. (Refinery29) 4) Want a white suit? I’m deciding between this tweed one and this bow-collar one. 5) How to respond to a passive-aggressive co-worker. (Washington Post) 6) LOFT Musts: this pink sheath, this striped open cardigan, this floral henley dress. 7) How to hack your bar order to make it healthier. (Well + Good) 8) I love this pom-pom top from BR.  Also, these…

The Workday Reading: July 14, 2017

*** 1) GOP Congresswoman fights back against ‘sleeveless’ dress code. (The Cut) 2) This Tahari Envelope Neckline Dress could be worn to work, a wedding, you name it. 3) Five questions you must ask in a job interview. (Forbes) 4) This GloPro Microneedling Tool is my most exciting Anniversary Sale purchase. 5) 11 Things I Wish You Knew About My Child-Free Marriage. (Today) 6) $100-ish Outfit: This white eyelet dress, red sandals, and gold hoops. 7) What to do if you’re so overwhelmed by work you can’t see straight. (Marie Claire) 8) Need a keychain?  This dotted leather loop and this…

The Workday Reading: July 11, 2017

*** 1) What to do when your heart isn’t in your work anymore. (HBR) 2) It’s Amazon Prime Day.  I bought a $49 wrap dress and these luggage cubes. 3) 25 incredible women talk about their all-time favorite books. This is mine. (The Cut) 4) Ruffles are everywhere.  I love the pretty details on this cardigan and this printed top. 5) Are women partly to blame for the shortage of men in ‘pink jobs’? (CNBC) 6) ASOS Musts: a Broderie trim blouse, a floral wrap dress, a polka-dot v-neck. 7) Dry shampoo is an absolute scam. (Racked) 8) Need a post-workout/chilly office/airplane…