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Friday, September 12, 2014 by Belle

10th Commandment: September 12



H&M Resin Chain Necklace ($13)

I’m a bit of an odd bird in the blog world because I actually like cheap jewelry.  I have a handful of nicer staples, but most of my jewelry comes from discount shops or thrift stores and cost under-$20.  I want to wear something a lot, get bored with it and then replace it with something new.

This resin chain necklace from H&M is just the kind of thing I’m looking to buy.  It makes a statement, but it’s still subtle.  I also love this pack of 15 super-skinny bracelets.  These dangly, almost-Egyptian Revival earrings are also a lot of fun for a Friday night.

Another great place to find jewelry that won’t break the bank?  Sole Society.  This Jasper bangle is on the higher end of what I like to spend, but it is worth every penny.  On the more affordable side, I love these geometric mini-hoops.  And do not miss this $20 square bangle, perfect for layering.

Need a way to keep the metal tone on your cheap jewelry?  Give them a spritz with Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray.

Thursday, September 11, 2014 by Belle

Ask Belle: Inexpensive, Stylish Dresses


Hi Belle!

I love dresses for work, but the dresses in the stores are so damn boring. How many sleeveless sheaths does a woman need?  Do you have a resource for something…dare I ask…stylish?  And if these dresses could cost less than $125, I would be so grateful.

Love the blog. Good luck in school. –Mioda

If you’re looking for ideas on where to buy work dresses, look no further than Asos and Gilt.  I try to scan the new arrivals each week to make sure that I don’t miss any must-have gems.  Here are a few of my favorite dresses that they have available right now.


Asos Wrap Pencil Dress ($67)

I showed the red version of this dress so you could see the waist details, but the dress also comes in black.  It defines the waist beautifully.  And I’ll take a sleeve anytime that I can get one.

This cowl-neck shift dress has a breezy shape and a cool neckline.  I also love this crop-top styled sheath dress.  Trust me, it’s all Audrey Hepburn, all the time.


Ava & Aiden Crepe Pleat Sheath Dress ($129)

I’ve mentioned it before, but I think Ava & Aiden is a great line.  It’s available only at Gilt.  Don’t buy into the MSRP lie, but the dresses are definitely worth the purchase price.  They’re well-made and chic.

This sleeveless dress has a great color (try it under a gray dress), and a cool neckline.  It also comes in coral.  I also like this cap-sleeve, ponte dress.  And if you need a v-neck, try this short-sleeve dress.

Thursday, September 11, 2014 by Belle

Two Chic Updo Tutorials for Fall



Long hair can be beautiful, but it can also be so boring.  The longer my hair grows, the more hair tutorials I need.  So I was excited to find a modern-looking, messy French Twist tutorial.  The photo and tutorial are from Maiko Nagao.

To get the look, you need texturizing spray.  The tutorial uses Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.  I prefer Sexy Hair Spray Clay, but do not use this product unless you plan to wash your hair the next day.


I’m always looking for hairstyle tutorials that look more difficult than they are.  I want my hair to look like it took hours, when it really took ten minutes.  (Hello, hot rollers.)  This hair do from Missy Sue is perfect for that.

This style requires damp hair.  You cannot do it with dry hair and have it turn out.  If your hair is fine like mine, use a concentrator to dry the roots (for volume) and apply a styling gel, like this one from Paul Mitchell.  The gel gives the hair texture, hold and shine. It also helps the twists stay together.

It took me two or three tries to get the twisting right.  This is a hairstyle that you can do blind because it doesn’t need to be perfect.  However, you do need a good quality bobby pin.  My favorite are the MetaGrip pins from Sally Beauty, they have a really good grip.  You can also spray them with a bit of hairspray to give them extra grip if you need it.

Need more tutorials, this Fashionsy post has several awesome options to keep your hair looking great regardless of length or weather.  Because sometimes, you just need to do something different.

Thursday, September 11, 2014 by Belle

10th Commandment: September 11


Elected Official


Vince Long Sleeve Placket Blouse ($295)

Hill Staffer


Club Monaco Maude Shirt ($150)

Paid Intern


Trimmed Henley Blouse ($50)

Plus-size: Ralph Lauren Split Neck Blouse ($160) Petite: INC Split Neck Blouse ($70)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 by Belle

The Best Under-$100 Pumps for Work



Halogen Marlie Pumps ($89)

My feet are happiest when my heels are 3″ or shorter, but finding a chic heel with a practical height is difficult.  I tried on these Marlie heels last week and fell in love.  They’re the perfect mix of staple and sophistication.

I wore them for several hours, and was a bit sore.  I added a Dr. Scholl’s ball-of-foot insole and the problem was solved.  These are a great every day shoe.

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