The Workday Reading: July 14, 2017


1) GOP Congresswoman fights back against ‘sleeveless’ dress code. (The Cut)

2) This Tahari Envelope Neckline Dress could be worn to work, a wedding, you name it.

3) Five questions you must ask in a job interview. (Forbes)

4) This GloPro Microneedling Tool is my most exciting Anniversary Sale purchase.

5) 11 Things I Wish You Knew About My Child-Free Marriage. (Today)

6) $100-ish Outfit: This white eyelet dress, red sandals, and gold hoops.

7) What to do if you’re so overwhelmed by work you can’t see straight. (Marie Claire)

8) Need a keychain?  This dotted leather loop and this geometric metal clip are the best.

9) The unexpected plastic surgery Millenials are getting. (Allure)

10) These $100 d’Orsay gold flats are everything. They also come in black.

11) What to say when an argument gets too heated. (Harvard Business Review)

12) Old Navy Must Haves: a striped tee, leopard print heellace-up sandals.

13) Don’t ask a co-worker what they make. (Cosmopolitan)


What I’m Loving. This $95 Polaroid camera to document summer fun.

What Blew My Mind. The Big Sick movie plot is based on a true story.

What I’m Eating Too Much Of. Nuts n’ More spreads.  So flipping delicious.

What I Identified With. This first-person article on fashion regrets.

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2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Work Picks

It’s the most wonderful day of the year…

Whether you’re a bargain shopper or dedicated to designer duds, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the place to be.  Today, the early preview begins for Nordstrom cardholders. The full access to the sale starts on July 21st, but you can preview all of the items now.

There will be a number of Anniversary Sale items featured over the next few weeks, but for this first post, I want to focus only on work attire.  Because if you’re anything like me, you like to put the majority of your wardrobe money into your work attire.  When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good work.  So here let’s hunt for work clothes.


Lafayette 148 Indra Knit Dress ($398.90)

You know how I feel about dresses.  Dresses make getting dressed for work the easiest thing in the world.  This dress has a very high-end look with a stylish mix of textures.  It also has one of my favorite qualities, versatility.  You could dress this up or down and it would look amazing either way.

In the $150+ range, this fuschia Ted Baker dress could be worn today (a rarity at this decidedly fall-themed sale).  This laser-cut Lafayette 148 shift dress also caught my eye.  I wish the selection in this range was bit better, but they made up for in the more affordable price point.

Vince Camuto Scuba Dress ($98.90)

I am a sucker for berry hues.  Add in a unique print, and you have a dress that I need to own.  Other choices under-$150, this stretch Tahari dress comes in a very chic slate blue color.  This cold-shoulder dress from Eliza J would be great for someone in PR or marketing (for the rest of us, it’s a dinner dress).  And this Adrianna Papell dress has a twisted waistline that is going to be super slimming.

Plus-size, I love this Vince Camuto floral dress–it’s pretty, but not too pretty.  And this Tahari crepe shift, it is the business, business casual, dinner out dress every woman needs.

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Ask the Edit: Vol. IV, No. Twenty-Three

Dear Belle,

I saw the BCBG belt you posted to your Instagram last week.  I love it, but it’s beyond my budget.  Do you have any suggestions for belts that are similarly ornate and under-$25, $50 at the most.  

Love the blog! SR

Belts are a great way to jazz up a dress that you’ve been wearing for a while.  They also accentuate the waist, and who doesn’t need a bit of that?

Because they’re going out of business, most BCBG belts can be found for under-$50 if you hunt a bit.  I think BCBG makes the best belts (I have five), so this is a great time to buy.  Their butterfly-front belt has a cool look to it.  I fell in love with this whip-stitched belt in a great neutral color.  And this cool houndstooth plated belt is just $10.

If you’re looking at other brands, I also really love this $10 H&M belt with a knotted twist.  This Mossimo belt in coffee-colored leather is a bit more casual, but I love the details.  This really wide River Island belt is also worth a look.

Plus-size? This ASOS Curve embellished belt is fun, and this Eloquii wide belt with a skinny buckle could go with almost any outfit.

Hi Belle,
When you went to London what type of bag did you carry during the day? Next month I’m headed to Chicago for a long weekend and am tempted to buy a stylish backpack to carry around sightseeing. (May need to carry around extra shoes during the day.) Also, I know you dislike them, but I would normally carry my medium size Longchamp on a trip like this.
Thanks! HH

I didn’t want to be weighed down, so I opted for a soft sided crossbody bag from Marc Jacobs.  If you need to carry more than the bare essentials, then a backpack might be the right choice.  They’re on trend, and there are some stylish options out there, if you’re willing to wade through the chaffe.

The AllSaints Kita bag actually converts from a backpack to a tote.  It’s a bit pricey, but I’ve seen it in person, and it even had me thinking about buying a backpack.  The Everlane Twill Snap Backpack is under-$100, has a sleek, modern look, and is very highly reviewed.  I also like the look of this totally simple Sole Society dome backpack.

Traveling is one of those situations when I’m not as picky about fashion.  You want to look good, but that’s not your primary goal, right?  So if to be comfortable and see the city the way you want, you need to carry a Longchamp, so be it.  I prefer to travel as light as possible because it makes entering museums, shopping, and doing the tourist thing a bit easier.  But however you like to travel, dress accordingly.

Hi Belle,

This may seem like a dumb question, but how do you do your hair for the beach/pool?  I feel like everyone else has Baywatch babe hair and I just came from SoulCycle.  Tips?


I have notoriously stick straight hair, so beachy waves are really out of the question.  Add in bangs, which must be pulled back to avoid sweat + hair product induced acne, and my poolside hair is a bit of a trial.  And I definitely feel you when you’re sitting there wondering how all your fellow pool guests get their hair to look like a magazine ad.

Instead of fighting my hair, I will do either a low chignon or a low bun and wear a hat over it so I can pin my bangs back.  Hats of choice include this Halogen Panama Hat and this floppier Do Not Disturb beach hat.  If I don’t want to wear a hat, this updo, using an elastic headband takes a little time, but it looks great all day.

If none of those options appeal to you, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers trying to bring the boho knotted hair-wrap back into fashion.  I’ve even seen a few going for the full turban look.

The Workday Reading: July 11, 2017


1) What to do when your heart isn’t in your work anymore. (HBR)

2) It’s Amazon Prime Day.  I bought a $49 wrap dress and these luggage cubes.

3) 25 incredible women talk about their all-time favorite books. This is mine. (The Cut)

4) Ruffles are everywhere.  I love the pretty details on this cardigan and this printed top.

5) Are women partly to blame for the shortage of men in ‘pink jobs’? (CNBC)

6) ASOS Musts: a Broderie trim blouse, a floral wrap dress, a polka-dot v-neck.

7) Dry shampoo is an absolute scam. (Racked)

8) Need a post-workout/chilly office/airplane topper? Try this jersey cardigan or this knit jacket.

9) An HR Manager tells you exactly what your cover letter should include. (My Domaine)

10) The Knocked-Up baby bag is the ideal work bag.  Just add padded laptop sleeve.

11) More women are running for office, but will they succeed? (CNN)

12) These Shashi geometric chandeliers add a kick to your cocktail attire.

13) Marcus Aurelius’s best leadership advice (weirdly found on Pinterest).


What I’m Watching. The Defiant Ones.

What I’m Reading. After the Fall of Mosul: What’s Next for ISIS?

What I’m Trying. Frederic Fekkai’s Full Blown Volume Shampoo/Conditioner.

What Made Me Clap. Refusing to be reduced to “pregnant wife.” 

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The Workday Reading: July 7, 2017


1) Why calling yourself a ‘Girlboss’ is setting yourself up for failure. (Inc)

2) Do not miss this navy tweed Joie jacket.  Just add wide leg navy pants.

3) 5 ways to stop being stressed, and start being on time. (Greatist) 

4) These Steve Madden sandals are a subtle take on the pearl sandal trend.

5) How to tell if you’re ready to have children. (HuffPost)

6) Friday Dresses: a LOFT floral-print, a plus-size Geneva dress, a lace sleeve shift dress.

7) The must-watch graduation speech of the season, from Chief Justice Roberts. (WaPost)

8) This floral BR wrap top is just gorgeous. It’s also machine washable.

9) Reporters are being turned away because of Congress’s dress code. (Refinery29)

10) I grabbed this hot pink tie-sleeve blouse and leaf-print shift dress at Ann Taylor.

11) What it’s like to be fired from Vogue. (Vestoj)

12) Loving this watermelon print button-up and this watermelon print wrap dress. So summery.


What I Loved. This cute-as-a-bug trailer.

What I’m Going Back To. Yoga, with this gorgeous ombre $35 mat.

What Concerns Me. How much plastic we use, and how it harms our planet.

What I Learned This Week. Blending brushes make amazing foundation brushes. Just buff.

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