The Workday Reading: June 19, 2017


1) Share your ideas without sounding like a know-it-all. (The Muse)

2) Need art? Don’t miss Nordstrom’s curated gallery walls. Five pieces for $99.

3) Talking to boys the way we talk to girls. (NYTimes)

4) This Target peplum top is $7. Wear it with a white pencil skirt and snake belt.

5) How to handle underperformers who you inherited. (HBR)

6) Amara Must Haves: leaf makeup bag, super chic iPhone dock, and a folded vase.

7) 5 Bad Habits That Are Slowly Ruining Your Relationship. (Marie Claire)

8) This leaf print Kors sheath and Leota plus-size leaf print dress bring the trend to the office.

9) Tips for avoiding awkward silences during conversations. (Motto)

10) This cute, $13 puff-sleeve tee comes in both white and black.

11) Ways to fight the ‘blah’ days. (Because I’m Addicted)


What I’m Wearing to the Pool. This printed maxi dress is an A+, No. 1 swimsuit cover.

What We Discussed at Dinner. What happens when advertisers are afraid of offending anyone.

What I Read Intently. Ways to make your hair look 10x thicker.

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The Workday Reading: June 16, 2016


1) Why I’ll Never Apologize for Being Intimidating Again. (Refinery29)

2) It’s the Clear the Rack sale at Nordstrom Rack.  This $7 necklace caught my eye.

3) When you want kids but your partner doesn’t. (Man Repeller)

4) Dear Club Monaco, why must you make such beautiful dresses and jackets?

5) How do you criticize ‘problematic women’ without being a sexist? (Thought provoking, but my issue with this article is that they couldn’t seem to find any ‘problem’ women who weren’t conservatives.  Go figure.) (Elle)

6) Work Outfit = one dot dress + one white blazer + one black belt.

7) What it’s really like to be 30 and single. (HuffPo)

8) Nordstrom has a ‘work mode’ section.  Do not miss this pretty sheer-yoke top.

9) 3 Ways Women Can Have a Bigger Impact at Work. (Fortune)

10) Need a denim jacket? Try this Madewell or this Gap icon.  Plus-size? Levi’s.

11) Why the Katherine Graham memoir is a must-read. (WaPost)

12) The best affordable skincare is Cosrx. Their acne patches and honey mask are life changing.


What I’m Watching. Oprah’s Master Class.  Condi, Jay-Z, and Ted Turner were all good.

What I’m Reading. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

What I’m Wearing on My Toes. Great Balls of Fire.

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Fashion & Beauty Queries: Vol. IV, No. Nineteen

Hi Belle,

Love your blog! I’m always on the hunt for a good summer espadrille wedge. I’ve had a hard time finding the right shoe because I tend to think platform wedges look clunky and often aren’t appropriate for even more casual summer events at my law firm. Any recommendations would be so helpful!


These Lyndsay Espadrille Wedges ($119) is a nice option. Chaps espadrilles ($35) makes a canvas peep toe.  However, these slingback Land’s End espadrilles ($69) are easily my favorite option


Coloring my hair has fried it.  You wrote something recently about a pre-wash treatment for damaged hair, but I can’t find it.  Can you remind me what you use to help your hair?

thx. Kim

I apply Olaplex to my hair once a week.  It reverses some of the damage done by chemical hair treatments.  I wouldn’t overuse it (because it will weigh your hair down), but it has nursed my hair back to health more than once.

Hi Belle/Abra

I saw in your suitcase post on Instagram you had packed a pair of Coach loafers. It got me curious as I don’t think I’ve ever seen you post an outfit with loafers on your blog. What do you wear loafers with? Ballet flats are slowly killing my feet so curious if you find loafers a good business casual alternative.

Thanks, DTC

I’ve had a surprising number of questions about those loafers.  They’re the Coach Frederica moccasin.  You can find them on Poshmark and eBay.  If you’re looking for something similar, try the Coach Arlene Moccasin or the M.Gemi Felize.

As for how to wear them, I usually wear them with jeans.  I don’t think they’re feminine enough to work with dresses.  But as a more comfortable alternative to ballet flats, I pair them with denim.


My partner and I are expecting a baby at the end of October, and we’re very excited.  Unfortunately, this bundle of joy also came with a bundle of breakouts, and just when I can’t use any of the good acne meds.  Why must everything be bad for the baby?  Do you know of any acne treatments that are effective and safe for pregnant women?  My doctor basically told me to live with it, which stunk as an answer.

Please help, Diana

If you’re hunting for pregnancy-safe skincare, you should look into the Belli brand.  Several of my friends raved about their lactic acid face wash when they were pregnant.  For spot treatment, you can try properly diluted tea tree oil applied with a Q-tip.


Do you know if they changed Zella leggings?  I own four pair (on your recommendation) and love them, but I bought a new pair last month, and they’re thinner and shiny.  If they have changed them, is there another brand you like?  


I don’t know if they’ve changed them, but they offer a wide variety of styles now.  I like their Live In Leggings for the weekend.  For the gym, my favorite are the cropped Wunder Under leggings from Lululemon.  I was really surprised that I liked a crop legging, but these are a surprisingly flattering length.  If you want something affordable, I’ve heard good things about Victoria’s Secret Everywhere leggings.

Ask the Edit: Rings for Every Budget

Hi Belle,

I’m a ring addict, you’re a ring addict, I need your help.  Have you seen any rings that you just can’t live without?  My fingers could use a few new adornments.  Gold, silver, or rose gold, anything will do.  I cannot wait to see what you pick.  

Sincerely, Cho

Ah yes, my ring addiction is the stuff of legend.  Some days, I run out of fingers to wear them on before I run out of rings I want to wear.  From big cocktail rings to skinny bands, I have too many favorites.  Here are eight rings that I’ve been obsessing over recently in multiple price points.

Suzanne Kalan 18k gold ring ($700)

Panacea Quartz Ring ($14)

Samuel B Sterling Silver Stack Ring ($49)

Alexis Bittar Crystal Encrusted Ring ($125)

Frieda Rothman Marquis Ring ($95)

Milor CZ Ring ($39)

Shashi Emily Ring Set ($35)

Gurhan Galapagos Pearl Ring ($67)