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Tuesday, October 6, 2015 by Belle

Quick Beauty Queries, Vol. I, No. Five


Dear Belle,

What on earth is ‘strobing’ and why are the women on the Today show raving about it?  Isn’t it just highlighting?  The name alone makes me want to skip it, but maybe I missed something.


Strobing is like the lazy woman’s answer to highlighting/contouring.  Instead of painting lines on the skin with different foundation, strobing uses a highlighter to draw attention to the high points on the face.  (And yes, the name is totally stupid.  I feel like I should be listening to EDM and wearing a glow-in-the dark necklace every time I hear it.)

If you want to try it, there are a couple of products I can recommend.  I like Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (now in a mini-size) for a subtle amount of highlight.  For something a bit more serious, NARS The Multiple stick is a solid choice.

For something under-$15, I’m all about the NYX Illuminator or Sonia Kashuk’s translucent illuminating liquid.

Dear Belle,

Do you have a favorite lip balm?  My lips are already drying out and it’s not even October…

Sincerely, Chapped

To keep your lips in tip-top shape, you need to exfoliate (either with a scrub or a nubby wash cloth).  The apply a rich, hydrating balm.  I like Blistex Medex it’s good for harsher climates.  You can also go with Rosebud Salve in the tube or the highly recommended Badger lip balm.

Hi Belle,

My sister uses toner every night and she swears by it for keeping her pores clean.  I sometimes use hers but I don’t see much difference. I’m curious whether you think it’s a must or if I can keep saving that cash.  

Feel better! Liz

To tone or not to tone is one of the biggest debates beauty bloggers have.  Allure covers the basics of what toner does and whether you should use one.

I use Clinique Clarifying Lotion toner because it removes excess oil and is great for gently exfoliating my neck and décolletage.  There are different strengths, so you can choose one for sensitive skin, oily skin, etc..  I also keep a small bottle Simple’s soothing toner to help calm my skin when it’s irritated or dry.

Dear Belle,

I travel a lot for my new job and the constant flying is killing my skin.  When you travel for campaigns, do you do something special to keep your skin in shape?  Any tips would be appreciated.

Thank you for your blog.  Good luck in law school.  -Erin

It’s been a while since I’ve been out on the trail, but I remember the havoc that flying regularly wreaked on my skin.  I think the important thing when you’re changing climates and subjecting your skin to airplane conditions regularly is just to baby it.  Your skin is stressed, it’s tired, it’s dehydrated.  Now is not the time for the harsh products.

Simple’s gentle, Micellar makeup removing wipes are a good choice.  I also like Boscia oil face cleanser.  A calming sheet mask that fights acne is definitely on order.  And moisturize with something good like Bobbi Brown extra repair balm, or the less pricey Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 by Belle

Style Translator: A Little Bit of Lace



Lacy Bralette ($20) // White Poplin Shirt ($70) // Leopard d’Orsay Flats ($88)

Lacy Lingerie. A little bit of black lace never hurt anyone.  These bralettes are very popular.  There are plenty of affordable options like the one above from HumbleChic or this cotton one with lace trim from Neiman Marcus.  Need something with more support?  Try this lace-trim Maidenform bra.

White Button Up. Who doesn’t love a crisp white shirt?  Banana Republic makes a nice one.  Ann Taylor also offers a chic, oversize button-up that looks super cute with jeans.  Plus-size? Try this high-low tunic blouse.

Medium-Wash Denim. Dark denim has been the style for a long time, but some lighter washes have also made their way into vogue.  I like these AG Farrah’s in a wash with hints of grey and khaki.  I also like the ‘Miles’ wash on these Paige skinny jeans.  Need something under-$100?  I really like the wash on these Gap Long and Lean jeans.

Small Rings. If you’re still in love with tiny, delicate rings, Catbird is the first place to look.  I also love these blanca monros gomez rings with tiny gems.  If you need something under-$25, try Planet Blue.

Animal-Print Flats jazz up any casual or business casual outfit.  For me, the pinnacle are these Loeffler Randall cheetah flats in regular or oh-so-trendy lace-up.  If you want loafers, J.Crew Factory has a pair.  And I really like these leopard skimmers for something classic.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 by Belle

Morning Line: October 6


It’s a common dilemma, you put on a pair of jeans or a cute skirt and then, you just stare at your tops wondering why you have nothing to wear.  I’m trying to add a few tops to my seemingly sparse selection.  So this week, the morning post will feature shirts and blouses from a single retailer.

Today’s choice?  Boden.


Textured Silk Top ($110, also in black and ivory)


Jersey Jacquard Top ($62)


Angie 100% Silk Top ($106, six colors)


Gwyneth Blouse ($65, several colors and prints available)


Monday, October 5, 2015 by Belle

The Workday Reading: October 5, 2015



I’m hoping to be back to normal tomorrow.  I’ve been sick for a week.  What I wouldn’t give for a clone, or to feel better, either or.


1) Why are business cards still a thing?

2) Target is the best place for affordable handbags.  I cannot believe this chic hobo with unique details is just $49.

3) Refinery29 has tips on how to get your financial life in order, quickly.

4) Looking for basic sweaters?  Ann Taylor offers this simple v-neck and this sleek open cardigan.  Both come in a variety of colors.

5) The Washington Post tells a story of true love that transcended the partisan divide.

6) Sam Edelman flats are a sophisticated basic for $100.  Nordstrom has them in eight colors and leopard.

7) Why young Americans are giving up on getting rich.

8) Affordable and Parisian-chic, the Lamaire/Uniqlo collaboration is a must see.  I love this long lambswool cardigan and this long sleeve boatneck blouse.

9) Levo League offers some tips on making an interim position a full-time gig.

10) This Deborah Lippmann nail polish set has every color you cneed for fall and spring. Love it.

11) Marie Claire examines what TV’s baddest female bosses can teach us about being successful.

Eye Candy. This Tod’s teal satchel is to.die.for.  For a more affordable alternative, try this $99 Palermo leather satchel.

*image found here.

Friday, October 2, 2015 by Belle

The Workday Reading: October 2, 2015




1) Yesterday was National Black Dog Day.  Black dogs are hard for shelters to adopt out because they’re thought of as scary and are tough to photograph.  But who could look at this little face and not want to take a black puppy home?

2) Looking for a black “plane bag” for under-$100?  I like this Locklyn nylon bag and this faux-leather Bmanta2 satchel.

3) People love the L.L. Bean duckboots for inclement weather.  Bloomberg explores how the boots’ popularity is making it tough to keep them in stock.

4) I love scarf season.  This VC silk cheetah print scarf is chic and affordable.  And this teal feather-print scarf is really cool.

5) Many European countries are suffering from a decline in birth rates.  Danish moms are being urged to send their kids on “baby-making vacations.”

6) Looking for a LBD that does double-duty for work and play?  Look no further than Reiss.  Plus-size? Try this Eloquii fit-and-flare.

7) This video sheds light on the fight over teaching cursive writing in schools.  Do you print?  Or are you a cursive writer?

8) Urban Outfitters sells beauty products you won’t usually find other places.  I love this hibiscus face mask and this brightening eye serum, to help with dark circles.

9) Carly Fiorina both repels and enthralls liberal feminists.

10) Unique sweaters are on call at ASOS.  This textured, slouchy sweater for $33 is great.  This roll-neck sweater with a wide knit is sublime.  Plus-size?  This olive off-the-shoulder sweater is fun.

11) Deadpan teaches you how to be a gracious and fun wedding date.

Eye Candy. Few people make dresses that draw the audible gasp like Jenny Packham.

*image found here.

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