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Tuesday, July 26, 2016 by Belle

The Daily Eight: July 26, 2016




1) The CEO of FairyGodBoss shares five essential pieces of career advice for women. (Time)

2) This pretty blush satchel from ASOS has chic hardware and a light feel.  A perfect summer bag for $32.

3) How to decide if work friendships are worth the risk. (More Magazine)

4) Gilt is having an amazing dress sale.  206 work dresses, all under-$100.  I picked up this casual Rachel Roy dress with a tribal pattern.

5) Why women need half as much money as men do to start a business. (Bloomberg)

6) I’m on the hunt for a pair of grey tortoise sunnies, and these BR Margeaux sunglasses are it.

7) In honor of the July bar exam: 14 Famous People Who Failed the Bar Exam. (Buzzfeed)

8) This Bucket List fill-in journal is a must have inspirational tool for all dreamers and doers.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016 by Belle

Tips for Faking a Salon Blowout at Home



A perfectly styled blowout is a thing of beauty.  When I’m in a major city, I love to hit up Drybar for a Cosmo-Tai.  But when I’m out West, I’m forced to style my own hair.  Here are some tips and tutorials for faking a salon blowout at home whether you start with wet or dry hair.


Monday, July 25, 2016 by Belle

The Daily Eight: July 25, 2016



I’m going to try something a bit different with The Workday Reading.  Leave your thoughts in the comments.


1) Is it a mistake for women to talk about their children at work? (BBC)

2) This bow waist belt and this skinny buckle belt from Boden spice up your basic sheath dresses.

3) A new movie about women on Wall Street unapologetically discusses money, power, and sexual harassment. (The New Yorker)

4) Round out your summer wardrobe with affordable pieces from Uniqlo.  I adore this seersucker dress, Supima cotton cardigan, and this sleeveless, pleated blouse.

5) Essential steps to take at work before leaving for vacation. (Fast Company)

6) Speaking of vacation, I love these tips for bikini line maintenance.  I like to use Stridex pads for exfoliation, and soothing spray for irritation.

7)  Feeling a little stiff?  Try these desk stretches to keep things limber. (Man Repeller)

8) This Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan is impossibly cozy and perfect for a chilly office.

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Monday, July 25, 2016 by Belle

Seven Essentials for Organizing Your Work Bag



Old Navy Faux Leather Zip Top Bag ($30)

1. Agent 18 Macbook Sleeve ($19) // 2. Pure Copper Water Bottle ($22) // 3. Zero Gravity Earth iPhone Case ($26) // 4. Abbitt Leather Tassel ($36) // 5. Ivanka Trump Zip Pouches ($59) // 6. Graphic Image Notebook ($158) and Y Studio Brass Pen ($115) // 7. Clava Coin Purse ($28)


While some companies like Dagne Dover and Lo & Sons understand that women need a work bag with pockets, pouches, and organization, most designers don’t.  So what do you do when you find a great bag, at a great price, that lacks anything resembling structure?  You organize it yourself.  Here are seven essentials for keeping everything in your work bag neat and tidy.

I bought this bag from Old Navy last week.  I’m impressed by the soft feel of the leather and the strong construction.  It’s a knock-off of the Cuyana Oversized Carryall Tote, but a really good one.  I think it will make a great work or carry-on bag.

1. A Laptop Sleeve.  So many readers are searching for cool bags with laptop pockets, but that is such a rare feature.  Lodis bags have it, as do the more affordable Mat and Nat bags, but most of the other brands with this feature are hideous.

The solution for a bag without a laptop compartment is a padded laptop sleeve.  I love this marble-print one from Nordstrom Rack.  Kate Spade also makes some cheeky ones.  But if you need leather, I recommend Etsy.  Something handmade (like this Harber London sleeve) will be more affordable than what’s available at retail.

2. Copper Water Bottle. There are lots of great water bottles on the market, but drinking from a copper bottle is said to have ayurvedic health benefits.  I just like it because it’s anti-microbial.  If you’re not into that, these S’well bottles and Bkr bottles are cool.  And best of all, they have tight-fitting lids to prevent spills inside your bag.

3. A Cool Phone Case spices up your favorite device and makes it easier to see inside your bag.  Because who likes to forage around in their purse searching for their phone?  This Zero Gravity case is the one I use.    For something under-$10, this rose gold H&M case caught my eye.  Need something durable?  These Defense Gear cases look chic and are built to safeguard your phone.

4. A Chic Key Fob.  I always lost my keys in my purse, until I bought a key fob with a clip on it.  Now, I attach them to the zipper on the inside pocket, and I always know where they are.  Tassel’s are chic and the easiest to find.  But I also think this little monkey is kind of charming.

5. Storage Pouches are essential to keeping your bag organized.  I keep makeup, hair ties and a travel sized brush in one.  Work essentials like business cards, paper clips, etc. in another.  And then my pain reliever, band-aids, chapstick, etc. in a third one.  It keeps everything in its proper place and not rolling around the inside of my bag.

These Ivanka Trump pouches are nice.  DvF also makes a really chic set.  For different-sized, leather pouches, try Mark & Graham.

6. Notebook and a Pen.  Even in this high-tech era, I always have a notebook and pen with me.  These Graphic Image notebooks are durable, chic, and refillable.  And you can often find them on Amazon for under-$100.  Need Supply Co. also has simple spiral bound notebooks for $26.

I also think you should always carry a pen.  It’s a sophisticated throwback to carry a good quality one, like this brass pen from Y Studio.  Personally, I prefer the vintage pens you find on eBay (like this ballpoint pen from Tiffany) to anything you’ll find in the stores.

7. A Coin Purse.  No, it’s not for holding spare change.  It’s for holding your earbud headphones.  Because who needs those getting tangled up in your bag.

Friday, July 22, 2016 by Belle

The Workday Reading: July 22, 2016




1) How your morning mood affects your whole work day. (HBR)

2) I bought this Mystique faux-leather bag from Target.  It was worth every penny of that $50 and more.

3) Ivanka Trump’s speech was the highlight of the entire convention.  Sadly, it will probably be the last time I hear gender equality talked about from the RNC stage.  But I pray not.  (Policy Mic)

4) Banana Republic has lovely new arrivals.  This floral wrap dress is a great summer/early fall piece.  And this printed pleat dress is epic; perfect under a suit jacket as day-to-night.

5) Why we let famous women be bullied online. (Rolling Stone)

6) Shift dresses perfect for days when you don’t feel great about your body.  This Mango Essential Jersey Dress has a breezy ease to it.  This Esprit stripe shift from ASOS is great.  Size 14-22?  This lilac ponte shift from ASOS is real cute.

7) Sheryl Sandberg is rethinking some of her advice from ‘Lean In’ since the death of her husband. (WSJ)

8) Don’t like to splurge on makeup? The e.l.f brand makes great lip pencils, gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, and  contour products for $10 or less.

9) The Not-Crazy-Person’s Guide to Online Privacy. No tin foil hat required. (Bloomberg)

10) How cute is this bird sculpture from West Elm?  I want it for my office shelves.

11) Instead of complaining, seven productive things to do when you are annoyed. (Reader’s Digest)

12) 40%-off at Ann Taylor with code SHOP40 until Sunday night.  I had to have this diagonal striped wrap dress and these snake print slingback flats.

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