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Tuesday, August 4, 2015 by Belle

BPGP: Dr. Jart Skin Treatment Masks


s1723832-main-hero-300Korean beauty products are the hottest thing in skincare right now.  One of the best ideas they’ve brought to the market is the sheet mask, a fabric face mask loaded with skin nourishing product.  A few weeks ago, I swung by my local Sephora to pick up a couple of masks to try.  Here are the results.

The Dr. Jart Clearing Solution Mask runs $9 for a single treatment.  I was in the throes of an especially bad  breakout, so this mask was the first one I tried.

Opening it was a bit messy.  The mask is attached to a piece of plastic and getting it out of the packaging without folding it is a chore.  It took a few moments to sort out removal of the mask and affix it correctly to my face.

The mask was easy to keep on, so I cleaned my bathroom while it did its thing.  It smelled somewhat heavily of tea tree oil, but it’s a pleasant enough smell.

Once the mask is removed, there is a lot of liquid left on the skin.  The package directs you to gently massage the rest of the product into your skin and give it a few minutes to absorb.  Then, you proceed with the rest of your products.

The product works really well.  It’s not a miracle cure, but I think it soothed the breakout enough that things started to turn around.  At $9 a treatment, it’s too expensive for every day use, but it’s perfect for once-a-week or emergency situations.

Dr. Jart also makes a wrinkle treatment mask.  I’ve been cutting the wrinkle mask into pieces and using it on my forehead to treat my one wrinkle problem area.  I put the rest of it in a plastic baggie and keep it in the fridge between uses.

I’m fairly happy with both masks.  They work as advertised and provide noticeable results.  Have you tried any sheet masks that you like?


Tuesday, August 4, 2015 by Belle

Morning Line: August 4


Corner Office


Michael Kors Pave Cuff ($145)

Middle Cubicle


Gerald Yosca Three Cuff, Gold ($80)

Intern Desk


T Tahari White Stone Open Cuff ($35)

Monday, August 3, 2015 by Belle

The Workday Reading: August 3, 2015




1) The Washington Post discusses how unconscious gender-bias can lead women to hold their daughters back from becoming strong leaders.

2) Another day, another incredibly gorgeous bag from Tod’s.

3) The Honest Company is under fire for selling sunscreen with less than half the required amount of sun-protectant in it.

4) Looking for a great “guy gift”?  The Corkcicle Decapitator opens any beer or soda bottle with one push.

5)  A Seattle-based company raised their base salary to $70,000.  The after-effects and backlash surprised almost everyone.

6) This Stella McCartney designed gym bag is so chic.  I also really like this zen-tote from Eddie Bauer.

7) What it’s really like to be a political speech writer.

8) TBD shows how to apply multiple face masks at one time to treat different skin conditions.  I like Origins Clear Improvement for acne and Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration for dry spots.

9) Fusion discusses why erasing yourself from the Internet is really, really hard.

10) Dillard’s is having a HUGE sale; don’t miss out.  So many great pieces from Antonio Melani.  I had to have this chic work look.

11) For the kid in everyone, this machine gun-style bubble maker is like a dream come true.

*image found here.

Monday, August 3, 2015 by Belle

Ask Belle: Filling in Your Eyebrows the Right Way


Dear Belle,

I’m blonde so my eyebrows are barely visible.  I usually trace the outline and fill it in with brown powder but I saw a photo of myself and realized it’s too harsh.  How do I fill in my brows without looking like I painted them on with brown sharpie?  Help.

Sincerely, An Extra from ‘Working Girl’

Brow maintenance is essential to giving your face shape and definition.  Filled in brows make a big difference.  Even ladies with thick, dark brows can benefit from brushing and a bit of clear brow gel.  So how do you do it right?

There are many tutorials on Pinterest.  This one shows the best way to handle different shapes and thicknesses of eyebrow.  I think this step-by-step tutorial from Lauren Conrad is the best one I’ve seen.  And this video tutorial from Courtney Lundquist does a pretty good job of explaining the process.

As for how I fill in my brows, I have fairly dark hair, so I just need to pencil my eyebrows in a bit.  I also like pencil because it’s so much less hassle than brushing on powder.  So I use the ybf Universal Taupe Shadow pencil (the color really does work on almost everyone), and feather-like strokes to get a natural, but full, look.

Another easy option is a brow gel that used a mascara-like wand.  I tried a sample of this natural Tarte Clay-Tinted Gel and liked it.  The mini-wand makes it easier to apply if you have sparser brows.

Also, a lot of beauty bloggers use the NYX cake powder for brows in the dark or light versions.  That tutorial is a bit more in-depth.  And frankly, I just don’t want to put in that kind of time on my brows.

One last thought, if you’re trying to grow back your eyebrows, there is a method to the madness.  I’ve also found that taking a pre-natal vitamin helps.  If you need a boost, most eyelash serums, like this inexpensive one from Boots No. 7, can help regrow brows.  You can also rub on a bit of Vitamin-E oil.

Any other tips or favorite products that you want to share?  Leave them in the comments.

Monday, August 3, 2015 by Belle

Ask Belle: Is It Ever Ok to Wear a Backpack?


Hi Belle,

I’m going back to school in a mostly casual environment in September. What do you think of backpacks? I’m worried that a backpack would look goofy on a woman planning her fortieth birthday party. I’m also worried that my 40-year-old shoulders will suffer under a full load of books in a messenger bag. Is there any version that works for grown people?

Thanks, Jenny

As a student myself, this is a question that I understand.  With so many books, a laptop, and extras to haul around, most “stylish” bags won’t get the job done.  I don’t have as many books now as I did my first couple of semesters, so I alternate the Lo & Sons OMG and the Dagne Dover Tote for class.  But if I did, I would probably be carrying a backpack.

Backpacks are certainly easier on the back and shoulders than messenger bags.  So my advice is this:  If you’re going to carry a backpack, own the backpack.

Don’t buy a “fashionable” backpack just because it looks good (because it’s still a backpack, and it probably won’t be tough enough for the task).  Buy a real backpack and carry it with confidence.

Also, another issue is finding one with a built-in computer pocket.  If you can’t find that, buy one large enough to hold your laptop, and supplement with a padded computer sleeve.

Personally, because I see a backpack as being a purely utility item, I don’t think of them as being part of an outfit.  Here are a few options that I didn’t find objectionable:


Marc Jacobs Domo Arigato Bag ($198)


Jansport Classic ($55)


Tumi Voyageur ($345)

I also like this Tumi Calais computer backpack.


Herschel Heritage Backpack ($55)

This is my favorite bag in the whole post.  I really like the simple look and color combination.


Mountain Hardware Escala Backpack ($55)

I think a hiking-style backpack would be the only kind that I would use again after school was over.  So if that’s the case for you, I would go this route.

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