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Monday, April 27, 2015 by Belle

The Workday Reading: April 27, 2015




1) Bloomberg Politics has an interesting piece about how fast Americans change their minds on big issues.  The graphic tracks changing views on everything from gay marriage to women’s suffrage.

2) Looking for necklaces with pop to jazz up spring dresses? This turquoise amulet necklace and this ‘Bamm Bamm’ collar with deep blue stones both pack a punch.

3) 5 Things Every Working Mom Needs to Hear.

4) Shopbop’s Books with Style section is a great place to find gifts.  Two books that caught my eye: The Style Mentors and Dinner Diaries.

5) We are finally moving towards equality in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Last week, eight women completed the first week of the Army Ranger Test.  They have several weeks to go, and I wish them good luck.

6) I adore this Whistles shirt-dress from ASOS.  It’s perfectly crisp, but still relaxed.

7) Need a Monday pick-me-up?  This video of a bulldog puppy throwing a temper tantrum is hysterical.

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Monday, April 27, 2015 by Belle

Ask Belle: Open-Toe Flats


Hi Belle,

Can you suggest some open-toe flats?  I’m looking for brown, gold or beige, and I’d like to spend less than $100.  

Thanks! Sara

Open-toe flats are a great alternative to sandals for casual Friday or just for wearing on the weekends.  Here are a few pairs that fit your request:


Nine West Bachelorette ($62)


Seychelles ‘Would I Lie’ Flat ($89)



Lucky Brand Criss-Cross Flats ($79)


Elaine Turner Anita Flat ($99)

Monday, April 27, 2015 by Belle

Ask Belle: Quality White Denim


Hi Belle,

I’m on a never-ending search for the perfect white skinny jeans. Namely, I’m looking for some that aren’t see-through and are soft (for some reason, I’ve come across a number of pairs that are very stiff). I’d prefer if their price point was $100 or less, but I’m willing to spend up to $150’ish for the perfect pair. Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks, Sarah

A word of advice on white jeans: If you plan to wear them frequently, you should buy the best quality jean that you can afford.  Less expensive jeans will often be thin, and get thinner when washed.  If you’re looking for higher quality jeans for less, try stores like, Nordstrom Rack, etc.


AG Farrah Skinny Jeans ($133)

These jeans from AG are my favorite.  They have a high Lycra content, so they stretch to fit.  I also like the higher waist for holding me in.  If the high-rise isn’t your bag, Nordstrom has the AG legging jean sale-priced at $117.  I also recommend their Angel bootcut jeans.

AG has the softest denim that I’ve ever encountered.  They’re aged to mimic vintage jeans.

Looking for an under-$100 jean that isn’t paper-thin?  There are two brands I would look into: Kut from the Kloth and NYDJ.  I’ve tried on their jeans and they’re made from a heavier material than most inexpensive jeans.

Have a pair of white jeans to recommend?  Leave them in the comments.

Monday, April 27, 2015 by Belle

Ask Belle: Swimsuit Recommendations


Hi Belle, 

I recently realized that my suits are getting outdated and not age-appropriate anymore. I was wondering if you could make some bathing suit recommendations that can free me from my collection of old string bikinis from spring breaks of years past! I would still be interested in bikinis, but with more support for bustier gals, some structured cups (for those cold days) and a more stylish grown-up look.

Thanks a bunch! Andrea

It’s true.  There comes a point in every woman’s life when the tiny bikini is just not going to get the job done.  It can be a real blow to your self-esteem, but it doesn’t have to be.


J.Crew Skirted Bandeau Suit ($118)

For all of my complaints about J.Crew, and they are many, I still think they make some of the best mid-price swimwear on the market.  I like that you can mix and match bottoms and tops to get the suit that’s right for you.

This skirted suit offers a vintage feel with a bit of coverage.  The ruching is also great camouflage.  I also like this v-neck one-piece in a host of bright colors.  And if you want to save a bit on a suit, try J.Crew Factory.


Angel Convertible Bikini ($55 for the top, $35 for the bottom)

Victoria’s Secret is another great place to find suits.  They have lots of styles at good prices.  There is one trick that I’ve found, however.  Always size up.  If I take my regular size, I’m always self-conscious about it, but if I go up one, it’s much better.

I like this convertible bikini because it offers more structure up top, and you can choose the style of bottom that suits your figure.  If you’re looking for a full-coverage bottom, try their hipster style.

They offer a lot of great one-pieces and tankinis for more coverage.  I am in love with this high neck one piece with a leaf print.

Plus-size or petite?  Leave your recommendations in the comments.  Suggestions are always appreciated.

Monday, April 27, 2015 by Belle

Morning Line: April 27



Old Navy Crossbody Bags ($25)

This week, we’re going to be talking about inexpensive bags.  Because who couldn’t use a chic bag to complete their spring and summer outfits?

This crossbody bag is a great purse for travel.  It will carry your essentials without weighing you down.  It also comes in a bevy of gorgeous colors.  (I think the cobalt might be my favorite.)

I also like this Old Navy flap crossbody in neutrals or vibrant summer shades.  I also love this inexpensive blush crossbody bag from Forever21.  But this berry-colored crossbody bag from LastCall might be my favorite pick in the bunch.

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