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Friday, July 29, 2016 by Belle

The Daily Eight: July 29, 2016



Less than a century ago, women organized, marched, and died for suffrage.  They fought so that you and I could stand up and be counted.  Whether you intend to vote for Hillary or not, it took almost three lifetimes to get from Seneca Falls to the convention stage.  And we’re just getting started.


1) In 1995, a t-shirt bearing the phrase “Someday a Woman Will Be President” was pulled from store shelves because it was offensive to some customers. (Marie Claire)

2) This layered blouse in cherry red from WHBM is a stunner.  Also, their “convertible” white dress is definitely worth a look.

3) Why we need to stop group ‘brainstorming’ at the office and focus on solo creativity. (Fast Company)

4) We all know how I feel about the Ugg corporation, but this long, chunky cardigan is amazing.

5) Eight women speak honestly about their post-baby bodies. (The Cut)

6) Fall Fashion Preview: This Whistles striped turtleneck is something I would wear every week.  Also, this Warehouse olive dress with a better belt.

7) Billionaire entrepreneurs suggest spending five hours per week engaging in deliberate learning. (Inc.)

8) I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this BaubleBar Andra choker is totally hot.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016 by Belle

The Daily Eight: July 28, 2016




1) Is it time for us to start telling our friends how much money we earn? (The Muse)

2) H&M’s white, textured weave jacket and green and white pattern jacket will breathe new life into your summer work separates.

3) Confessor, feminist, adult: What happened to shock jock Howard Stern? (The New York Times)

4) Have you seen the MAC Instacurl mascara with a brush that actually bends when you twist it? Cool.

5) Instead of work-life balance, focus on setting boundaries. (Lifehacker)

6) This Everygirl article has me lusting over these Ted Baker white, wide-leg trousers or this more affordable Michael Kors pair.

7) Why are weddings so expensive? This video takes a rational look at why costs are so high. (Racked)

8) This drapey, open vest from The Limited in pale blush is totally killing it.  A fantastic layering and transition piece.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016 by Belle

Eight Ways to Save Money on Your Beauty Regimen


Snip20160728_54 copy

Like many women, I spend a lot of money keeping up appearances.  From regular maintenance to trendy, must-have products, looking pretty can be pretty expensive.  But there are some easy ways to save money on personal care and grooming regimen.

1. No More Face Wipes. Until recently, I was spending $9 for a 25-pack of Simple makeup removing wipes. Then, I switched to Well Beginnings sensitive baby wipes.  A steal at $3 for a 75-pack.

2. Trim Your Ends. You can spread out the time between haircuts by trimming your hair yourself.  Or if you’re faint of heart, just clean up your split ends.  Just remember to use a really sharp scissor.

3. Use Less Foundation. Your foundation is usually the most expensive product in your beauty arsenal.  To make my foundation last longer, I do two things: apply it with a brush and dilute it with primer.  The brush doesn’t absorb foundation like a sponge will, so there’s less waste.  And thinning it with a bit of primer gives me great coverage with less product.

4. Go Homemade. Pinterest is full of tutorials for how to make your own deep conditioner, body scrubs and face masks.  I use this pore minimizing mask with clay, green tea, and charcoal.

5. Do Your Own Nails. I love these tips from The Everygirl for doing a perfect mani-pedi yourself, and I updated this 2013 post on the tools and polishes I use to paint my own nails.  I simply refuse to pay for something I can do at home unless it’s a special occasion.

6. Skip the Beautyblender.  If you like teardrop sponges, skip the pricey ones and buy a four pack of latex-free sponges for $6.

7. Buy Men’s Products. It’s no secret that women’s grooming products cost more than men’s.  I avoid ‘The Pink Tax‘ by purchasing men’s deodorant, razors, and body exfoliating tools.  If there’s a women’s product you need, check to make sure the men’s product isn’t cheaper before you buy.

8. Get the Sample. How many times have you splurged on a must-have skincare product only to get home and find it seriously lacking?  Instead, go to Sephora/Ulta or a department store to get a sample.  Can’t sample first?  Buy from a retailer who lets you return a used product no questions asked.

If you have tips for saving money on your personal care regimen, leave them in the comments.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 by Belle

The Daily Eight: July 27, 2016




1) The complicated question of why women put up with harassment at work. (Daily Worth)

2) The BP. Moveover is my favorite affordable work flat, but these Daya Adrian flats are the hipper, fashion-forward version.

3) The insanely expensive pre-show primping ritual of Bachelor contestants. (Refinery29)

4) Looking for the perfect LBD?  This Ralph Lauren dress with an asymmetric neckline is perfection.

5) Multi-tasking is bad for productivity and work quality, and difficult to quit. (Fast Company)

6) This dusky pink skirt from ASOS is so chic.  This crisp, white wrap blouse also caught my eye.

7) Should you invite a recovering alcoholic to a party where there will be drinking? (The Washington Post)

8) I scooped up this Deborah Lippmann ‘Very Berry’ nail polish set.  Also, Burt’s Bees cuticle cream is a must-have for any at home manicurist.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016 by Belle

Seven Tips for Getting Your Best MM. LaFleur Bento



MM. LaFleur is my favorite workwear designer.  Their dresses, jackets, and separates are sleek and sophisticated.  I own their Akiko dress in three colors (the obsession is strong), and pounce on new arrivals like a wild jungle cat.  And as the brand grows, so do their offerings.

Last year, they launched a product called the Bento Box.  A personal stylist selects four to six pieces from their collection based on a questionnaire, and then mails them to your home.  You have four days to try on the pieces, and ask your stylist questions about how to style them.  Then, you mail back what you don’t want at their cost and you’re only charged for what you keep.

But how to you ensure you get a great Bento Box filled with pieces you just can’t bear to part with?  Here are my tips for getting your very best Bento.


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