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Monday, July 6, 2015 by Belle

The Workday Reading: July 6, 2015




1)20 Essential Job Interview Tips‘ to lighten up your Monday.

2) This taupe Tod’s bag is the stuff fashion dream’s are made of.

3) One woman tells Elle how her husband’s infidelity was the best thing that ever happened to her.

4) Looking for longer, fuller lashes? A friend recommended that I try BabeLash, and I’m loving it so far.

5) 10 women share their thoughts and tips on moving in with their significant others.

6) I’m searching for a blush-pink blouse. I have it narrowed down to this BCBG choice and this draped top from Karen Kane.

7) How TGIFriday’s helped invent the single’s bar and start the happy hour culture.

8) Need a new wallet?  Off 5th has a great selection.  I love this studded, bow wallet.

9) This video on ‘a day in the life of the human body‘ is really interesting.

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Monday, July 6, 2015 by Belle

Ask Belle: Skincare Sheet Masks


Dear Belle,

Thanks for keeping your blog going while you’re in law school.  I have a skincare question.  Have you tried one of these sheet masks?  Clay and cream masks are just too messy for me and the idea of a cloth one really appeals.  Suggestions?

Have a Happy 4th! Paige

Sheet masks are one of the latest skincare trends to make their way over from South Korea.  Your skin absorbs the moisture and nutrients from the sheet, and emerges plumper and brighter than it was before.  The masks are perfect for lazy girls who want to get maximum benefits with minimum effort.

I usually use charcoal clay masks to draw impurities, but when my skin is stressed, it’s nice to put something back in.  There’s a mask to address almost any skin concern, from enlarged pores to blackheads.  So choose your mask based on your needs.

At the top of the market, the SKII face masks are great for hydration and anti-aging.  I tried their Facial Treatment Mask last winter, and I liked the deep hydration and brightening effect.  The best part is you can buy one mask for $17 to try before you commit to a larger (more expensive number).

As much as I liked the SKII mask, there are so many affordable choices on the market, I decided not to splurge on sheet masks.

Tony Moly is a great Korean brand that makes this tomato face mask to give your skin a boost of moisture and anti-oxidants.  Have a big event coming up?  This Masker-Aide face mask helps your makeup look extra gorgeous by plumping and smoothing your skin.  And their all-nighter face mask helps your skin recover if you have too much fun.

My advice?  Go to Ulta or Sephora and shop around for a sheet mask to address your individual needs.  At just a few bucks a piece, you can test them out before you commit.

Monday, July 6, 2015 by Belle

Ask Belle: Affordable Distressed Denim


Hi Belle,

I like the look of distressed, ripped up jeans.  Can you help me find a pair of distressed skinny or straight leg jeans that aren’t too destroyed?  My budget is less than $150.

Love your blog! Sera

A pair of distressed jeans can boost your casual wardrobe.  I own a pair that I picked up at, and I love wearing them with pretty blouses or graphic tees.  Here are a few pairs that meet your needs.


Banana Republic Skinny Jean ($98, petite and tall)


Topshop Moto Jeans ($65)


Old Navy Rockstar Jeans ($34)


Textile Distressed Jeans ($81)


Oasis Isabella Jeans ($81)


Mynt Plus-size Distressed Denim ($148)

Monday, July 6, 2015 by Belle

Morning Line: July 6


This week, let’s cover some under-$100 dollar pieces that can provide an added boost to your wardrobe.  Because as we move through the summer, who couldn’t use an affordable piece to reinvigorate your basic pieces.


River Island Lightweight Chiffon-Hem Tee ($52)

This chiffon-hem tee is casual enough to wear with jeans and pretty enough to wear with a colored-pencil skirt for casual workdays.  It has a slightly slouchy feel and comes in seven great colors.

A chiffon hem adds a bit of femininity to an otherwise basic piece.  I also found this 3/4-sleeve tee from Style & Co., and this sweater from H&M.  Plus-size?  The Style & Co. blouse comes in plus-sizes.  Petite? This Alfani printed top is really cute.

Thursday, July 2, 2015 by Belle

The Workday Reading: July 2, 2015




1) President Obama and Republicans in Texas are finally united…by their hatred of peas in guacamole.

2) Hello, stunning Elie Tahari short-sleeve sheath dress.  (And this smashing red Black Halo number.)

3) Why Women Apologize and Should Stop.  (The author of this piece also wrote one of my favorite books.)

4) I really want to try this Sally Hansen ‘Peel Off’ Base Coat that promises you can just peel off your polish instead of scrubbing it off.

5) Twenty-two years after Monica Seles was stabbed by a crazed tennis fan, the sport still struggles to keep female players safe.

6) Two beautiful sheath dresses from Raoul on sale at The Outnet.  One in navy/black, one in berry/black.

7) Is using the word ‘just’ too much hurting your credibility?

8) Anthropolgie has the best selection of vases.  These faceted, ceramic vases are really fun.

9) The trailer for the upcoming Chris Farley documentary is both hilarious and tragic.

10) This dainty little ring is absolute perfection.  It’s more affordable cousin is also lovely.

11) Randall Wulff, a.k.a. Lewis, made a fortune on Wall Street, partied with models and musicians, and recorded one of the most beguiling albums of the 1980s. Then he vanished.

12) Belle’s British Candy Update: Whoever said that StarBars were the best UK candy, you are correct.  Also, KitKat Crunch Peanut Butter, for reals.

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