I Saw It On Social: Third Love Lingerie

There you are, scrolling through Facebook, when a promoted product catches your eye.  It looks interesting, like something you might use.  The splashy video, the bright photos, this could be exactly what you’re looking for!  But do you buy it?  After all, this is Facebook.  Any company with two nickels to rub together can buy an ad on social.  That’s where I come in.  I buy the hot products on social media so you don’t have to, and answer the question, “Do they really do what they claim?”

Meet I Saw It On Social.

Third Love lingerie has ads on every.single.social.platform.  They’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  They claim that they’re here to save us from Victoria’s Secret, with a more comfortable, better-fitting bra.  Frankly, I was skeptical.  I’ve heard this elevator pitch before.  But Third Love does something most other bra retailer don’t, they let you try their product before you buy it.

I was intrigued by their Fit Finder quiz which goes beyond band and cup size to ask how your breasts are situated on your body, and what fit problems you’ve had in the past.  This was extremely helpful since my breasts sit wide on my rib cage, an issue Third Love calls East-West.  It can make it difficult to find a bra that doesn’t gape.  So it was fantastic to finally have a bra-maker acknowledge this issue.


To try the bras before you buy them, you choose three from their collection and send back the ones you don’t want.  I chose their classic t-shirt bra, their lace balconet bra, and their very cool lace-racerback bra.  I ended up loving the lace-racerback, which has smooth cups and the coolest, sexiest open back.  The lace balconet is comfortable, but lace cups aren’t a good complement to my wardrobe  So I would skip that next time.  But my favorite bra turned out to be the very basic t-shirt bra.

The t-shirt bra has pleated straps, so they don’t dig into your shoulders.  The cups are made of memory foam, so they’re seriously comfortable.  And unlike most bras, the underwire isn’t made of nickel, so it doesn’t poke and jab.  I wore this bra when I traveled to London, and I had it on for almost 30-hours on the day we arrive.  It didn’t pinch or hurt at all.  If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is.

The Third Love “nude” bras come in a selection of flesh-toned colors.  They also run in sizes A-G, as well as half-sizes.  This was great for me because I’m almost a C-cup, so B-and-a-half is my perfect size.

As I mentioned above this is not in any way shape or form a sponsored post.  I bought the product, tried the product, and was naturally converted to the product.  (I just received my second set of bras yesterday.)  I think these bras are fantastic, though a tad pricey at $68 per bra.  But if you’ve been seeing them non-stop in your social feed or blogroll, know that they do actually live up to the hype.

The Solution for Sheer Tops

Let’s be real for a second: When was the last time you bought a blouse that was completely opaque?  2005?  During the recession, fabric quality fell through the floor.  Retailers claim that sheer is the “trend” or the “style”, but it’s just a convenient excuse to use cheaper materials.  What I wouldn’t give for an end to this nonsense, but until then, all I can do is wear the right undergarments to make these slightly sheer, semi sheer, and you’re-kidding-me-what-does-this-cover work for the office.

To make a sheer blouse work appropriate, you need a camisole or tank underneath.  My tank of choice was Nordstrom’s seamless tanks with the wide strap or their seamless camisoles.  But even these weren’t a perfect solution.  I had to have each tank hemmed, or else the remaining bulk would make smooth pencil skirts decidedly lumpy.  And even with the hemming, the tanks sometimes ride up when I’m charging down the hall at a good pace.

Then, the other day, I was buying a gift for a friend’s daughter, when the solution hit me: leotards.

Think about it.  Dance leotards are perfectly smooth.  Tight enough to offer a bit of smoothing and slimming.  And they’ll never ride up.  They’re the perfect solution for several fashion woes, from sheer blouses to business suits.


This simple nude Capezio tank ($20) is probably the place to start.  For plus-size ladies, try this tank from Discount Dance.


How great would this Ballet Beautiful Leotard ($55) be under a business suit with a high cut jacket?  Sleek, slimming, and ladylike all at the same time.


This Capezio Tank Leotard ($20) is the one I decided to purchase.  I like the wider strap and scoopneck.  I started with the black.  Sadly, it comes in suntan (like a pair of hose on a Hooters waiters) as well, I’m hoping the color is less offensive in person.

So what do you think, could leotards be the answer to your sheer blouse woes?  I know there are brands that offer one-piece bodysuits in similar styles, but they can be a bit pricey.  I’d rather pay $20 for the leotard.

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7 Amazing Shoes for Spring Under-$100

Is your shoe wardrobe suffering from the winter blues?  Adding a pair of fabulous new shows breathes life into old outfits.  The hot trends this season include chunky heels, ankle straps, and cutout details.  Here are the seven fabulous pairs of shoes that caught my eye, all under-$100


Mango Leather Pumps ($99)


INC Carma Heels ($89)


Franco Sarto L Dress Pumps ($57)


Mango Slingbacks ($59)


Naturalizer Whitney Pumps ($99)


Dune Bow Trim Pumps ($84)


J Renee Samina Ornament Pumps ($99)


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