Happy Hour: The Tangerine Gimlet


We all know that I love an easy cocktail.  Partly because I’m lazy, but mostly because making craft cocktails can be expensive and time-consuming.  And when I make cocktails at home, I don’t want to spend hours muddling, reducing, and chilling.

This Tangerine Gimlet from A Communal Table contains only three simple ingredients and tastes amazing.  If you like vodka and orange juice, you will like this even better.  Tangerine juice has a much smoother, richer flavor.  If you find it a bit too heavy, I suggest a dash of club soda.

This cocktail is perfect for early fall weather.  It gives you the richness of fall with the refreshment of summer.


Edwardian-style lace blouses are so hot right now, with their opulent lace details and their mock-neck collars.  It’s the perfect way to blend fall style into the warmer weather so many of use are experiencing.  I spotted this photo on Laura Fantacci’s Instagram and immediately had to have that Monsoon blouse.  Sadly, it’s sold out in most sizes, but there is plenty of other lacy goodness to be had.

H&M has a very affordable blouse with clean-enough lines that you can actually wear it to work.  This black Rebecca Taylor blouse gives me all the romantic/gothic feels.  This Vince Camuto blouse has a similar look with an underlayment, so no camisole needed (also in plus-size).  But this ivory Rebecca Taylor blouse with a lace accent might be my favorite of the bunch.

Prefer your lacy looks in dress form?  This $98 dress from Express has the modern look of Self-Portrait without the eye-popping price or shockingly small fit.  This Calvin Klein burnout dress with short sleeves has just enough soft/pretty to offset the black.

The Eight: October 20, 2016


I came back from Cuba with a fever and serious body pain.  I spent yesterday trying to get seen at the ER, and today, trying to get an appt with a general practitioner.  Posting will be light until my body temperature falls back into the 90s.  Apparently, the entire month of October will be lost to illness.


1) Trump criticized Condoleezza Rice, saying she wasn’t a big enough bitch to be a good Secretary of State.  The always classy Condi had the perfect response. (The Cut)

2) Took this $25 Old Navy tote to Cuba. It was perfect.  Just had to organize it with these nylon pouches.

3) The dueling feminism of Taylor Swift, KimK, and Hillary Clinton. (Marie Claire)

4) This lace sleeve T Tahari blouse is the perfect going out top.  And pair this printed Eliza J dress with black tights and black booties for a great casual Friday look.  All pieces are under-$80.

5) How to quickly research all of your local elections (act locally, think globally). (Lifehacker)

6) These Alexis Bittar earrings are perfect for evening events–pretty and sparkly, but not overwhelming.  Lovely.

7) Japan’s career women battle the country’s ‘salaryman’ culture. (CNN Money)

8) Moth’s Cocoon Cardigan, buy it now.  No, seriously.  Amazing.  Also, their Madison Park Poncho.  Yes, poncho.

Bonus: Why both presidential candidates keep talking about steel. (American Manufacturing)

*image found here.

Beauty Review: Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

s1868280-main-lheroLike many women, I suffer from under-eye darkness.  I’ve tried all the creams, serums, lotions, and potions they sell to rid myself of this scourge, but none of it works so well that I can abandon concealer.

My regular under-eye routine layers Lancome’s Color Correcting Primer and Maybelline’s Age Rewind Concealer.  It works well, but I wanted something with more oomph.  I didn’t just wanted to cover or minimize, I wanted to hide my circles.  So I decided to It! Cosmetics Bye Bye Under-Eye Concealer a go.

The first thing I noticed about the Bye Bye concealer was how thick it is.  Most concealers are liquid or creamy, but this concealer is like building mortar.

As a result, it only takes a tiny bit of concealer to cover your under-eye area.  If you apply more than a tiny amount, you look like you’re wearing theatre makeup, so apply sparingly.  But even applying just a minuscule amount, I found the concealer settled into the acne scars under my eyes and could look very heavy if I wasn’t careful.  I ended up blending and re-blending as the day went on.

This is the double-edged sword of the Bye Bye concealer.  It definitely hides your circles.  But it can also look like you’re wearing two-pounds of makeup unless you grab a teardrop sponge and blend til your fingers are numb.  This thickness is especially evident if you wear lighter foundation or BB cream.

Bottom line, if you have really dark under-eye circles, I recommend giving this product a try.  Blend it well, thin it out with a bit of primer if necessary.  But if you think it looks heavy on your skin, it does.  Some women like the perfectly made over makeup look, but it’s not for me.  So I’m going to skip this thick concealer and go back to my regular routine.

The Eight: October 18, 2016


And we’re back.  At some point, there will be a post about Cuba.  Right now, I just need a water and the world’s longest nap.


1) Why your late-twenties and early-thirties can be the most difficult time in your career. (Women’s Agenda)

2) These Sam Edelman heels bring back the old-school Mary Jane with a mix of masculine and feminine.

3) How to use social media to get ahead in your career. (Harper’s Bazaar)

4) Pair this BR boucle sweater coat with this wine-colored shirt dress for the perfect cozy and chic combo.

5) Interested in taking a career break? Talk to this woman first. Also, the guide to hiring someone who took a career break. (Forbes; Management Today)

6) Make a statement, but keep it light, with this multi-chain Ben Anordmun bracelet.  So pretty.

7) The perils of sudden wealth, from loneliness to jealousy to bankruptcy. (BBC)

8) I love finding gifts that bring a little luxury into someone’s life. With some birthdays on the horizon, I’m looking at this luxe silk sleep mask, these geode coasters, and this Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist.

*image found here.