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Ask the Edit: Rings for Every Budget

Hi Belle,

I’m a ring addict, you’re a ring addict, I need your help.  Have you seen any rings that you just can’t live without?  My fingers could use a few new adornments.  Gold, silver, or rose gold, anything will do.  I cannot wait to see what you pick.  

Sincerely, Cho

Ah yes, my ring addiction is the stuff of legend.  Some days, I run out of fingers to wear them on before I run out of rings I want to wear.  From big cocktail rings to skinny bands, I have too many favorites.  Here are eight rings that I’ve been obsessing over recently in multiple price points.

Suzanne Kalan 18k gold ring ($700)

Panacea Quartz Ring ($14)

Samuel B Sterling Silver Stack Ring ($49)

Alexis Bittar Crystal Encrusted Ring ($125)

Frieda Rothman Marquis Ring ($95)

Milor CZ Ring ($39)

Shashi Emily Ring Set ($35)

Gurhan Galapagos Pearl Ring ($67)

#BeautyReview: This $12 Eyeliner Is a Dream

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the Tom Ford Eye Defining Liquid ($56) is the greatest eyeliner, ever.  It suffers from two serious problems, however.  First, the obvious issue, the price.  I’m not averse to paying for a great product, particularly one that lasts for 3-months-plus, but this feels excessive. The second?  You cannot travel with this eyeliner.  I don’t know whether it’s the pressurized cabin or the tumble and toil of the inside of a suitcase, but twice, my eyeliner exploded after a trip.  So when I went looking for a replacement, I decided that throwing…

State of the Blog: Working It Out

I’m taking a couple of days off.  After doing some soul-searching, I’m suddenly in need of a massive decluttering.  Grab the black trash bags and the Goodwill donation boxes, it is time to empty every closet in this house.  I’m all about learning to live with less, right now. Back on Monday. The photo above is the Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington.  It’s a 2-hour drive for a 20-minute hike, so I think I’ll skip it.  But it sure is pretty.…

State of the Blog: No Posts

I have a last-minute job interview today, so instead of blogging, I spent last night prepping.  Back to full speed tomorrow.  And there are some great posts on spring fashion in the works.  See you then! xoxo, Belle…

Belle’s 2017 Golden Globes Recap

After watching the Green Bay Packers save me from a week of boyfriend-sulking with a victory in the NFC Wild Card game, I clicked over to the Golden Globes just in time to see a tipsy Goldie Hawn trying to read a teleprompter sans glasses.  Ah, the Globes, the only award show where the nominations can be bought, but the cocktails are free. I know I say this every year (cue broken record), but the dresses this year were a snoozefest.  It took me hours just to locate a few that I wanted to talk about.  And even then, I…